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A plethora of indoor/outdoor fitness options await members

When you walk into Jubilation by Silver Companies in Fredericksburg, Virginia, you feel like you are walking into an amenity rich resort, complete with a variety of spaces and programs that offer on-site healthy living and fitness options. There’s literally something for everyone regardless of skill level or pace of activity. With wellness top of mind, Jubilation has invested in the equipment, the people and the wellroundedhostofactivities to keep members active, engaged, healthy and happy. Take Audrey Cote, a Fredericksburg native who is just shy of one year as a member of the community. “I haven’t done the yoga or Zumba yet butthree days a week I go down and do the stretch/balance classes and the instructors are excellent,” she said. There are outdoor activities as well. The Park at Jubilation offers walking trails, pickleball, community gardening, bocce and more. Members also enjoy indoor and outdoor heated, saltwater pools with a growing list of wellness activities at each. And just two miles away is the Rappahannock walking and bike paths along with kayaking and private beaches. Brittany Vernon, an occupational therapist for Engage Wellness, and Deneal Kennedy, a seasoned fitness instructor from Foresight Fitness, work with members daily to tailor classes and programs to their interests and needs. Members reap benefits of programs and instructors Audrey mentions water badminton as a new addition and uses it as an example of the evolving programming. One of her favorite classes is when they play bingo but take many breaks and stand and do exercises in between rounds. But she loves the line dancing classes provided and said there is truly something for everyone. “I’ve always loved to exercise.” Mabel Dempsey is another member active in fitness and wellness classes and Deneal says Mabel does a lot to encourage other members to participate. “Mabel is awesome. She is like one of the originals. She will take anything that is offered. She has grown so much and come so far. She is one who helps get others involved. Just to see how she has progressed has been amazing,” said Deneal

     The sense of community at Jubilation inspires Deneal. “This place (Jubilation) is incredible. The camaraderie happens quickly and easily. They are all entering into this new adventure together. The members are really supportive of each other. In such a short time they have developed a family like bond,” said Deneal. Deneal personally teaches six classes a week at Jubilation and Foresight Fitness has been with Jubilation since its opening. “The members are interested in increasing their mobility and stability to be a better version of themselves. We co-create the classes together. I’m not there to show them what I can do. We are really able to adapt the classes to them,” she explained. While the equipment was in place when Deneal started coming to Jubilation, she loves how first-rate it is and how Jubilation has invested in its fitness and the members. That investment is paying off. “Some have realized how much the exercise is helping them. They feel better,” said Deneal. Mabel’s husband, Tom Dempsey, goes to the gym at 4:30 a.m. every day. He can go to the gym when it’s raining without going out in the


     inclement weather since the fitness center has easy/inside access from members’ apartments. For Deneal, the rewarding part of her role at Jubilation is seeing everyone enjoy their bestlives and reach their goals. “It’s knowing that they are happy. I literally will get tears in my eyes because I am so proud of them,” said Deneal. One thing is for certain: The members have two distinct activities they really love. Those are yoga and the seated fitness class and they both have been really successful. For Dr. Nancy Ayers her idea of fitness is being outside. She walks around the community garden and then maybe does the loop that goes around the campus. “It’s such a beautiful environment (Jubilation),” saidDeneal. Helping members maintain their independence Brittany works with each member to ensure they can take part in any activity they want at the level they are most comfortable with. She holds water activities such as guided swims, water therapy, water aerobics, water volleyball and also conducts structured classes since joining


Brittany Vernon (Engage Wellness) and Jubilation

member during his OT session


Increasing flexibility with Deneal’s yoga class


Members join Stephanie for fitness fun!


Members get competitive during indoor water volleyball

Jubilation in December. As time goes by, she expects to expand the offerings. “I really love what they are doing at Jubilation. The members are thriving and enhancing their active lifestyle,” said Brittany, who has been an occupational therapist since 2016. “It’s also the most welcoming, engaging community I have ever been involved with. You walk in and you want to smile. It doesn’t feel like work.” Brittany tries to pop in to see how everyone is doing at breakfast. On Monday they have bingo fitness, a lot of the members like to play pickleball as others are getting into water badminton. She also handles occupational therapy for some in their apartments. For Brittany, the rewarding part of what she does at Jubilation four days a week is being able to see someone achieve their goal. “It’s why I do what I do. I am trying to make an impact. Everyone has a phenomenal story. You feel like you are at home.” She found her love of therapeutic services when she hurt her arm as a child and could not use it for almost two years. During that time, she went through therapy and rehab herself.

     She offers modifications of various exercises so they work for everyone. “You should not have to sit on the sidelines. If there is a way to get you out there and doing something no matter the obstacle we’ll find it,” Brittany said. It may seem small but it’s huge and makes a real difference, she said. A Memorial Day event is in the works and will include ways for the members to stay healthy, up their cardio levels and include a health/ wellness clinic. The idea is to make it fun with a carnival theme with games and activities. Brittany went on to say, “I really am trying to get feedback after each class or activity. I also bring different subject matter experts in so members can have a resource if they need it. At the end of the day, it’s their community. I am just there to enrich it and help keep them happy.” To schedule your tour today call 855-526-0947 or RSVP to one of our upcoming Member Experience Luncheons offered most Thursdays at 11:30am. Here, you’ll mix and mingle with current members and enjoy a delicious chef created lunch; this is an afternoon you won’t want to miss


WORKING THROUGH IT: Taking care of a vulnerable population

By Ceoe Nunn,posted Apr 13,2020 on


Editor 's nots: The Business Journal will be running regular features on area businesses and how they are adjusting operations, innovating and coping in general with the economic impacts of the coronavirus. For story or subject suggestions, email nswsCQQm@w Umjngtonbjz com (maj/tQ:newsroom@wilmingtonbjz com? subJscl:WORKING%20THBOUGH%201TI)

 Plantation Village,like other retirement communitiesin the region, has adapted to life during the coronavirus pandemic in a variety of ways.


Zane Bennett,executive director of the community at 1200 Porters Neck Road,shared some of the actions Plantation Village has taken for its more than 300 residents.


The community includes residents in age groups that are more vulnerable to severe symptoms and death from the virus than others, statistics show.Eight out of 10 novel coronavirus deaths reported in the U.S.have been people 65 years old or older,according to the CDC.


In mid-March,the Plantation Village staff started a grocery del very service.


"This [the grocery delivery service] has been extremely effective in reducing the person-to-person contact and reducing the exposure risk to residents" Bennett said.


The staff frequently cleans allareas in the community,especially those considered high-touch, such as elevator buttons, door handles and handrails, he said.

FF FLS 2023 10 12 (2).jpg

"Bennett said Plantation Village is following the published guidelines of the CDC, state health officials and the local health department .

"on March 12,we instituted protocols which included single-entry access into our community. Through this entry, all individuals are screened for an elevated temperature and are asked a series of questions about any possible signs or symptoms,travel exposure or contact witih a confirmed or presumptive [novel coronavirus) COVID·19 case, he said. This screening takes place every time someone enters our 56 acre community."

The updated protocols included restricting visitors to those medically necessary, along with other changes.

"our restaurant,fitness center,pool,salon and other common areas have all been closed since the middle of March. All associates wear face masks while on campus and residents have been provided with cloth face masks to wear while walking our trails or making essentialtrips off-site",  Bennett said.'We continue to educate associates and residents on their role in helping us reduce the impacts of COVID19 to our community.

"All of our PPE needs are currently met,but we continue to look at contingency plans, should the situation change."

Efforts that takeInto account health and well-being have included virtualfitness classes through Plantation Village's in-house TV network,chef-prepared meats delivered daily and virtualmuseum tours, Bennett stated in an email.

"During this time of great uncertainty,our mindfulness meditation class has been extremely popular,along with our Tai Chiand Zumba classes, Bennett wrote. In addition, Plantation Villageis working closely with its management partner,Life Care Services,to capture best practices and exciting ways to keep residents active and engaged."

That means maintaining a sense of humor too.

"A few of our team members found a way to bring some humor to all of us and started a lighthearted parody newscast, akin to something you might see on Saturday Night Live,  Bennett said. Residents have said that this week ly broadcast is a good break from the normal news cycle."

Plantation Village also made a public service announcement featuring Becky Grogan,the community's marketing and move-in coordinator,interacting with her dad, Joe Pasquali,from outside his sliding glass doors at Plantation Village.

The PSA emphasizes the message that people need to abide by stay-at-home and socialdistancing guidelines
to halt the spread of the virus.

"Take it seriously,"" Grogan said in the PSA,""because when thisis over, Iwant to hug my dad."

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