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Meditation Classes & Workshops

Within our current environment, many individuals are struggling with daily stress, excessive fatigue, and signs of hopelessness. Our meditation classes and workshops are designed to improve one's daily life and overall outlook by accepting things for what they are and finding joy, happiness, and peace through the practice of Mindfulness.

MBSR: Mindful Based Stress Reduction is a well-known method of using mindfulness to specifically reduce stress. Using the dialogue and program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. This program is best known as a "Stress Modification Program" which uses the premise "wherever you go, there you are!"

Introduction to Mindfulness: This four-week series introduces new meditators to the basic understanding of mindfulness, the wondering mind, best practices for a mediation space, preferred seating positions, and utilizing the breath to increase relaxation. During the four-week class, participants will learn the history of Mindfulness and discuss the variety of health benefits of a meditation practice. Participants will be invited to practice meditation in every class.

Meditation and the Seven Awakening Factors: This program is delivered in eight sections or workshops. Many enjoy it over a period of eight months, schedules can be customized. Understanding and discussing the Seven Awakening factors defined by Buddha allows intermediate meditation participants a deeper understanding of the overall daily benefits of meditation. As the Buddha teaches upekkha it embodies a quality of stable presence with unwavering balance and cools in the midst of the agitations of everyday life. Our facilitators use one of the Seven Awakening Factors in each class to expand the participant's understanding and improve their abilities in their own daily practices.

Progressive Relaxation Training: "Coming Soon"

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